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Tsetsura speaks about transparency, trust and construction of the profession

01 November 2009

Dr. Katerina Tsetsura speaks with a reporter of the Romanian TV during the 2009 PR Week in Romania about her research on transparency, trust, and social construction of the profession: The public perception of the field and the profession of public relations is often formed by how we present ourselves as public relations practitioners and how we talk about our profession. So it is our duty as practitioners to seriously think about our profession and behave as want to be seen – as true professionals -- because how public relations will develop in the future depends on our presentations and co-constructions of the meaning of the profession. The next question then is what are the real values of the profession in the Eastern Europe and whether we take the idea of social construction of the profession ​​into account in the region? Transparency and honesty are the key elements of public relations in the 21st century, and that is why understanding our roles as practitioners in social construction of the profession is as crucial as ever.

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